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The news for Monday, April 8, 2013

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Facebook Begins Big Push to Bring Mobile Users "Home" - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD

Although Facebook Home won’t be available for another week or so, the social network has begun a major ad campaign pitching customers on its new Android software.On its own mobile and desktop sites, Facebook is pushing its users through a variety of ads, including suggested posts, page posts, sponsored stories and logout page ads. Each of the ads directs users to Facebook’s main page for its mobile efforts.

Facebook Home cobbled together from leaked ROM

MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has thrown together a trio of files with which you can get a half-working version of Facebook Home onto your phone -- five days before it'll be available to everyone as a free download.

The 'Chat Heads' feature is missing from the leak, but most other features are available. This version even for the Nexus 4 and 7, devices that Facebook is not promoting as a launch device.

Apple Pulls iOS App Discovery Service AppGratis From App Store | TechCrunch

Apple pulled discovery service and daily deal app AppGratis from the App Store. So far, AppGratis is not communicating on the issue and users can only speculate about what the issue is. Sometimes, Apple pulls an app because its latest update crashes or because the app uses a private API. Then, the developer has to submit a new release to return to the App Store. But there could be a bigger issue.Back in October, Apple added a new rule in its iOS developer guidelines. It reads: “Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.” As a reminder, AppGratis curates apps from the App Store, provides a short description and make paid apps free for a day.

It’s Not Just You, Twitter’s Latest Android Update Doesn’t Let You Access Your Profile Or DMs On The “Me” Tab | TechCrunch

Twitter rolled out sweeping updates to all of its mobile properties this week, mostly to support the new Twitter Cards, but unfortunately, those who are using the service on Android aren’t so happy.The app has always been a bit buggy on the Android platform, but the issues that are being reported are more than just a little problematic. Users have experienced not being able to open the “Me” tab which allows you to access your DMs and switch accounts, important parts of the service.

California Court Bans Checking Smartphone Maps While Driving | TechCrunch

In California, drivers can now be pulled over for using their GPS while driving. Extending the state’s current ban on texting while driving, an appellate court in California v. Spriggs argued that the ”distraction would be present whether the wireless telephone was being used as a telephone, a GPS navigator a clock or a device for sending and receiving text messages and emails.”

Anonymous targets Israel in another cyberattack | Security & Privacy - CNET News

Anonymous claims that a cyberattack launched against Israeli government Web sites this weekend has caused billions of dollars of damage, although Israeli officials say there have been no major disruptions.The group claimed it hacked more than a dozen official Israeli Web sites, including those for the Israel Police, the Prime Minister's Office, the Israel Securities Authority, the Immigrant Absorption Ministry, and the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Did Google let the Fiber out of the bag? | Internet & Media - CNET News

Google's zippy Fiber Internet service may have gotten ahead of even itself.With a mysterious press conference on tap for next week from Chez Page and Brin -- along with the city of Austin, Texas -- word has been flying that Austin is next in line for Google Fiber, which offers Net access that's 100 times faster than what other services provide.The only thing the press invite for the event says is: "the City of Austin and Google will make a very important announcement that will have a positive impact on Austinites and the future of the city."

Intel's next-gen 'Haswell' chip now shipping to PC makers | Business Tech - CNET News

Intel's "Haswell" chip is now shipping to major PC makers, a source close to the company told CNET today.Intel's fourth-generation core, aka Haswell, is "shipping to customers now and will launch later this quarter," the source said.Intel is expected to make a statement to this effect at the IDF Beijing conference next week.Related storiesIntel confirms USB bug in 'Haswell' chipsetHaswell, expected by June, is the next-generation mainstream Intel processor that will power ultrabooks and a variety of hybrids that straddle tablet and laptop designs. Haswell's new microarchitecture will deliver "the single largest generation-to-generation battery life improvement in Intel history," according to a recent statement from Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

Sony's 55-inch and 65-inch 4K LED TVs available April 21st for $4,999 and $6,999 | The Verge

Sony was among the manufacturers showing off its 4K TVs at CES 2013, and the company has announced today that its 55-inch and 65-inch models are set to arrive in stores next month. The Bravia XBR-55X900A and XBR-65X900A will be priced at $4,999 and $6,999 respectively, and will become available April 21st.Sony's new 4K LED sets have passive 3D, an edge-lit display, and built-in WiFi connectivity.

Sony announces $699 FMP-X1 4K media player for summer release, 4K downloads slip to fall | The Verge

Sony has announced more details about its previously-unnamed 4K FMP-X1 media player at NAB 2013. The device looks like the same puck-like prototype that the company showed off at CES 2013, and will become available sometime this summer for $699. The FMP-X1 will be bundled with a bizarre assortment of 10 films, including Bad Teacher, Battle: Los Angeles, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Salt, 2010's The Karate Kid, Taxi Driver, That's My Boy, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Other Guys, and 2012's Total Recall. While that's not a thrilling bundle for the price, Sony will offer existing owners of its 84-inch XBR TV the chance to exchange their home servers for the FMP-X1 player.

Former News Corp President Chernin bids $500 million for Hulu | Reuters

Former News Corp president Peter Chernin has bid around $500 million for Hulu, the online video streaming service he helped create in 2007, according to two sources with knowledge of Hulu's sale process.The website, jointly controlled by News Corp and Walt Disney Co, reached out to potential buyers in March after initially contemplating a deal in which one would buy out the other. It is not clear whether that transaction is still being contemplated.

HTC unaudited Q1 results see profits slip to just $2.83 million | Android Central

HTC's financial woes continue, with today's unaudited results for the first quarter of 2013 painting a picture of a barely profitable company. Net income after tax slipped to just $2.83 million, down from $150 million it earned during the first quarter of 2012.

Today's announcement follows delays in getting the new HTC One handset out onto the market. Camera component shortages led to the UK, German and Taiwanese launches slipping from mid-to-late March, while wider availability -- including the crucial U.S. launch -- was pushed back to mid-April. HTC's pinning its hopes for revival on its new high-end smartphone, with reports suggesting CEO Peter Chou may have told execs he'll resign if the device isn't a success.

Capcom-sanctioned live-action Street Fighter series gets Kickstarter | Polygon

The creator of the Street Fighter: Legacy live-action short film launched a Kickstarter today for his latest project, a live-action series also based on the franchise, titled Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Legacy director and writer Joey Ansah, is asking for £625,000 (about $950,000 according to Ansah) to get Assassin's Fist into production this year for an intended winter release.

Marvel Comics restages its 700 digital comic promotion

If you missed it the first time around – or were one of the thousands of customers who couldn’t download their promised comics – Marvel is giving you another chance. They’re featuring a giveaway of over 700 comics you can read on your computer, iPad and elsewhere. The only catch is that you have to register before 11:59 PM Eastern Time on April 9th to get the invitation.

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