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Plot Summary: This low budget classic features a small town near a swamp being terrorized by huge, cave-dwelling leech creatures. The leeches are first spotted by the less than reliable witness, Lem, a drunken trapper. No one believes him, even after he is later found dying with sucker wounds all over his body. In another plotline, husband Dave Walker finds his wife cheating on him with his friend, chases them into the swamp, and watches, horrified, as they are dragged under by the leeches. No one in town believes him either and he’s taken to jail as the number one suspect for his wife and friend’s murder. Unable to convince anyone that he saw the leeches, he kills himself. Later, after more townsfolk go missing in the swamp, the local game warden finally decides to investigate. Finding the leeches and more bodies, the rescuers blow up the leeches and their cave lair with dynamite.