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DivX Inc. is launching a new platform that is called DivX Connected, demonstrated by this first beta testing model manufactured by D-Link. It’s a standard suitable for any device that has an Ethernet port and that can playback DivX. It makes it very easy and cheap to add the functionality of accessing any content from the PC, from the local network and from the Internet using a computer in the house as the host and real-time DivX encoder. So anything that your PC can run, will be available directly on your TV using the remote control. Even advanced AJAX, Flash, 3D games, Applications, whatever, can be added as Plugins to the DivX Connected platform rather easilly using a DivX Connected Plugins SDK. The price for DivX Connected devices could be below 00 soon, since currently DivX Certified DVD players cost 9, then they just need to add an Ethernet port to those boxes to provide the DivX Connected abillity. Which will include all VOD content, Stage6 DivX progressive downloading and instant seeking in progressively downloaded video over the Internet. It also can support up to 1080p video, and the hardware can upscale standard resolution DivX video to make it look better on HD screens. Watch the HD version at via : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly