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This week: Men find a new reason to annoy women, Space Elevators!, The art of Jesus, Toddler Fight Club!, Blatent bribery, Don't roof-rack me bro!, Israeli courts are asshats, RIP Jerry 'Count Bon Count' Nelson, and Doug Lain's love-affair with Zizek continues. Personnel –   Nicholas Pell, Douglas Lain, and Ken Eakins [powerpress] Links

Science: Men get PMS - LinkSpace Elevator by 2020 - Linkbotched art restoration of Jesus goes viral - LinkToddler Fight-Club - LinkCorporate bribery on display at conventions - LinkIsraeli court wrongs Rachel Corrie? - LinkRIP Jerry ‘Count Von Count’ Nelson - LinkSlavoj Zizek sequel hits the Film Festival circuit - Link

Interludes Hits from Rappy McRapperson's 'Live at the Amway Arena'