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WATCH IN 1080HD.PLEASE READTumblr: ...Aaaand this is the main reason why I haven't gotten started on my other videos/why I haven't posted anything big in the past week. This is only my second Makorra video, so please don't lynch me. I was waiting until the finale so I can have enough footage for this song. And boy, did the finale deliver! I made this video show Makorra from beginning to start; from a crush to I love you's. This is a simple video; simple transitions, colorings, minimal effects, etc; to show the pureness and face value of the ship. There is no flashiness, no strings attached; it's two people becoming each other's development; their "turning page."...Now I feel incredibly cheesy. Oh well. This was made on Sony Vegas Pro 11, which is why the text may seem a bit...Eh. I'm most likely going to go back to 10, but the only thing holding me back is the GPU-Acceleration (It actually helped soooo much). But enough with my ramblings. Here's to you Makorra shippers; winners are you, now let's bring the ship right around to Canon Isle! :D~ Your Chap, AR.EDIT: HOLY SHIT 30k VIEWS?! LOVE Y'ALL._______________________________I don't own anything. Info is at the end.