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Noatak and Tarrlok were always in their father's shadow. The day they discovered they were waterbenders, their fate was decided for them. By their father. He took those two loving, innocent boys and turned them into monsters; into machines of revenge and destruction. They have both been through so much, but there's no going back. There's no solution. There is only escape. In the end, they both knew the only way to end their father's legacy was to end their lives. It's sad, but it's the truth.---So, obviously the whole fandom was a mess after the finale. I made this mostly to sort through my villain feels. I think it's kind of funny how the two big bads got more character development in ten minutes than most of the main characters did the whole season. But, this isn't the place nor the time for that discussion.---This is technically my first AMV, so please be nice. Any comments/critiques/suggestions/questions/etc are greatly appreciated and encouraged! I had a ton of fun making this, so I think I may make more in the future. It'd be nice to know how I could improve. :3 Thank you so much for watching the video, and thank you if you comment. If you want to find me on other websites, here's some clues:Deviantart: Tumblr: ask blogs: characters, video, voices, etc. Belong to Legend of Korra and it's creators and owners. The song is Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. I own nothing but the time and creativity it took to splice together the clips and synch them to the song.