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The guest this week is the author and environmentalist Jim Brumm. Jim Brumm was the staff writer at an environmental firm in Sebastopol, California and his new book is an in-depth study of the ills facing societies the need for long-term thinking. That book is titledLong-Term Thinking for a Short-Sighted World.

As you listen to the conversation you’ll probably hear a bit of a push and pull as I try to come to some understanding of how long term thinking might, on its own, be a solution for our problems. By the end of our talk I have to agree with Jim that thinking ahead and considering the ramifications of actions on the future is certainly necessary, but I still ultimately felt that something was missing from that conclusion. We have to have a reason or aim behind our thinking, whether its in the short or the long term. Changing the reasons behind our actions is, from my perspective, just as important as changing the range or complexity of our thought. If the reasons behind our actions are contradictory then no amount of complexity or thinking into the future will resolve the trouble.

So, that’s my critique of Jim’s thesis in a nutshell, but despite this critique I think the conversation is one worth having and I fundamentally agree that long term thinking is necessary…it’s just not enough.I want to thank everyone who is a regular subscriber and participant in the Philosophy Workshop. If you’d like to donate or subscribe to the podcast and Philosophy workshop the buttons are at and at Donors of $6 or more in the US or $15 internationally will receive a copy of my book “Pick Your Battle.” Also, if you’d rather not receive a copy of “Pick Your Battle” you can get on the list for a copy of “The Doom that Came to LOLcats” which is a novella due out from Eraserhead press later this year. I should tell you all to follow me on twitter and friend me on Facebook. Also you can send me email through my webpage. That’s I’ve got some big news this week. It looks like the Diet Soap podcast will start being listed on the Right Where You Are Sitting Now website. RWYASN explores the weirder side of the world. Ken Eakins and Kim Monaghan are the editors and the other podcasts listed include the Coincidence Control Network, Behind Closed Doors, and Sitting Now Radio. I’m very pleased to be included.