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Note: Tears were shed in the process of making this AMVSo um...everyone knows I have feelings about the season finale of Korra. I have a HUGE rant on my Tumblr so if you want to know those feelings...just give that a read.Anyhow, I knew I wanted to make a video that is a tribute to both the build up to and the finale itself. And after a little thought, I knew I wanted to do that by paralleling Korra and the Krew's journey with Aang and Gaang's journey. Though it starts off despondent and hopeless, it ends with a resounding cry of victory.This's really close to me for some reason. I don't want to get into all the warms and fuzzies but it's really important to me and I hope you all enjoy it. I know it's long but eh...I think it was necessary to edit to the whole song.And oh, the song. Yes. I love the Prince of Egypt, by the way. This is the movie version of When You Believe. Even though it turns to Hebrew towards the end, I think it works with Avatar/Korra.I think I'll change this description when I'm not feeling so...feely. But anway, here it is.And yes, this is the third video in the Avatar and Korra video series.I hope you enjoy!