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Remix of None Like Josh's Legend of Korra RapSpecial Thanks To Josh For Letting Me Use His Beat Out The Original Verse (Legend of Korra Rap) Free Mp3 1)Fire, Earth, Water, Airthe elements the avatar must master100 years disasterhas passednow hes gotta act fastbefore the comet comes backwhich the firenation will use to destroy the landand he'll do it allwith his friends by his side1 earth benderand 2 water tribea fallen prince who's been stripped of his prideto once again make the 4 nations unitenow he's gotta put an end to the bloodshedhe's gotta learn the 4 main elementsand face the firelord menanceand put an end to his malevolencebut the avatar just seems conflictedas if hurting someone just seems restrictedhe was raised to think abit differentbut he knows this curse must be lifted(Verse 2)Now here they are2 gods face to facea battle which took a century to makeand now as they both do clench there fiststhey create a force so bigthat the whole world could feel itand now as the ground begins to shakepeople grit there teeth as they know the stakesone fights to protect there livesas the other fights to commit genocide