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Why Do We Need To Fix The Seawall? Today the City Council is expected to approve a ballot measure to raise taxes to pay for fixing Seattle's seawall. What's a seawall? Why does it need to be replaced? Why are voters going to pay for it?

Is The Northwest Ready To Legalize Pot? It looks like voters in both Oregon and Washington will decide this fall whether to legalize recreational marijuana. The question now: Are Northwest voters ready to say OK to getting high? Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins finds out which state is more likely to legalize pot.

Space Travel That Begins Underwater: Dottie Metcalf–Lindenburger is an astronaut that for a few weeks last month was actually an aquanaut, going 62 feet under the surface of the water to train in NASA's 16th NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) mission. She joins us to tell us what it was like.

Tweeting Through Natural Disasters: Social media like Twitter, Google and Facebook are turning into the go–to places when disaster strikes. And not just for you. Disaster agencies are getting on board. Correspondent Tom Banse finds out how social media is getting used when catastrophe strikes.