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Death Grip (2012) HD Available on DVD & BD at Synopsis In an effort to set his life straight, Kenny Zemacus regains custody of his autistic brother Mark, 15 years after their mother's death. Assigned a last minute museum catering gig, Kenny reluctantly brings Mark along, who is immediately captivated by the museum's showpiece -- the world-renowned Sacred Coin of Judas. When a murderous satanic cult attempts to steal the coin after the event, Mark's childlike fascination unwittingly entangles the two brothers in the middle, pinning them with the crime. When Mark is captured, Kenny must descend into the cult's demonic world to save his brother, propelling them both face to face with their own dark past. Death Grip is the second Action Kickback film from Eric Jacobus (writer & director of Contour) starring Johnny Yong Bosch and several members of The Stunt People. Clip stars Eric Jacobus and Alvin Hsing http