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Sarah's back!

You don't want to miss this show, as the guys welcome Sarah back for a reunion show. She's in town from Minnesota, and excitement is practically overflowing. 

Whattya think of Adele? Tim implies that she's a pop thingy, but the crew schools him. Is she on your "no" list? 

North Korea is popping off at the mouth, firing rockets (that are failing, incidentally), and just generally being unpleasant. Relax. Hillary Clinton is on the case. 

Television recaps this week; find out what we're watching, and what YOU should be watching too. 

Syria, Santorum, healthcare, Trayvon Martin, Instagram...and so much more, in this week's show. 

And don't miss another ASSTERPIECE THEATER, Big Lebowski style!

Thanks for listening...breakfast burritos!