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Hey everyone, it's Turnip Soup time. This week's a little crazy, what with Eric not doing a template and all. 

But if you're looking for tips on how to recruit friends to play Xbox, look no further than this show. Bryan's got it all figured out. For real. 

Speaking of Xbox, how about if we go completely overboard for a few minutes on the ins and outs of various games the guys are playing? Warning: if you're not a fan of Xbox (or vide games), you're going to hate this part. 

What are you drinking these days? Tim's been doing his own little Mad Men season at home...and he's sharing some ideas. 

Who was the top grossing artist of 2011? Bryan knows. Tim doesn't. Bryan was right. Tim was wrong. 

There's a dude going crazy in Afghanistan. The question is, why? 

Enjoy the show, friends.