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On Friday, Raja, former Telecom Minister seeked a review from the Supreme Court on the offense of verdict of the cancellation of license for the 2g Spectrum. He ignored it as saying that it violates the “principles of the natural justice” and the judicial norms and because of this he was indicted without hearing.

On the case, the defense in the trial of the 2G allocation scam he said that the findings proof regarding him on the case is “bound to prejudice”. Raja was there in the jail for more than a year.

He said that the judgment that has been made in the Supreme Court was as much as it would impose the condemn of his action and inaction as he was in the post as telecom minister.

Judgment implied that misuse of his power seemed in numerous places and it include the violation of basic principle of justice and also the basic opportunity that will be normally provided for any of those who are being condemned.

Without even hearing a person or even not attempting to give an opportunity to the victim would not lead to a proper justice, he said. The mentality of human mind is that when a matter is being decided and when a person is being produced in the court against in terms of judicial body then he would be decided as the criminal.

The court observed that the stuffs or contracts that is being taken care by the officials during that period of September 2007 to march 2008, they found that the total controversy was against the public interest and was also the violation of doctrine of equality.

Also the government (Supreme Court) decided to cancel the license that is being issued by him during the period in which he was in power.  DMK MP claimed that his actions were legal and proper without any favoring activity.

Raja sought a review of being verdict on 2G spectrum
Originally published on: All India Today

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