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Filmed during the India Retreat, February 2009. Transcript: [Music intro by Shivraj] Yeah, so the significance of 2012 is, in 2012 again we come closer to the new Aquarius age. And a great event will be happening then. There are certain things which I am prohibited to say but a lot of spiritual energies will collect and that's the time, when collectively the spirit of Kalki and the spirit of Babaji will be entering our beings, from our nervous system, to our astral bodies, to our casual bodies. And then the guidance will begin, enmass. You see there are two ways that I've said that Kalki will appear on Earth blessed by Babaji. One is by an individual champion and a savior of humanity that will come 150 plus years from now to 200 years. The other, will be that the spirit of the Divine, the spirit of God, the spirit of these Divine Beings, like Shiv Goraksha Babaji, will enter humanity at large and work through them towards the new world order. If I may use those words, but it will be the new spiritual order. [Silent Pause] Of course, there will be incidents in the world, which to us may appear that they are very horrendous or very negative but positive and negative has to be balanced. And the Earth Peace meditations are very important which are being given to schools and colleges and teachers and parents and mothers and children. And every household should teach the Earth Peace meditations, where from their heart, they radiate light and love, for peace on Earth and ...