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The understanding of the Seven Heavens theory and how the Illuminati challenge God.Based on my research the young "Jared Kushner" is the Head of The Illuminati at the moment and will belong to one of the most famous persons by 2013. By the time the NWO get's active, the infrastructure of the 'world's capital city' in Astana, Kazakhstan will be finished also, that means that all the world's (illuminati) leaders and agents will try to rule the world from that city (google : "City Astana"). Now, most of you guys probably think that the capital of the world would be in Washington D.C. in cooperation with the United Kingdom, but this is not correct. It will be in Astana, Kazakhstan. Now, don't say you don't know where Kazakhstan is, because thanks to the funny 'Borat', (to be more precise a freemason agent in the name of "Sacha Baron Cohen") we all are familiar with that country.But, there's a man who is more dangerous to mankind than any other living person today. His name is "Zbigniew Brzezinski", a CFR-member , Arch-Trilateral Commissionist, Bilderberger. He has been the evil spirit behind 5 US presidents, including Obama and he is obsessed with, but one thought: The US is to dominate a communist one world state. For that purpose, he sees Eurasia as his grand chessboard, where the battle is to be won. Like any chess player, he starts by occupying the centre of the chessboard, Central Asia. He wants peace there, friendly arrangements, in particular with China, if possible, so that he can pursue the goal of his obsession, i.e the purpose of the Trilateral Commission created by him and David Rockefeller: To create a world state by fusing a coming North American Union, at which he is working through the CSIS, the Union for the Mediterranean and a Far East block which is now being created. His aim is a communist one world state where Russia, which he hates, is subdued by being split into 3 republics in a loose confederation and if that is not possible, then ultimately even by WW III. He and David Rockefeller are behind the fusion of world religions for peace in the world state. In stead he collaborates with Al Gore and Gorbachev to promote the environmental Gaia religion. In the Agenda 21 state people in the technetronic era will be totally controlled and via artificial intelligence (brain chipping) become posthuman robots. He has worked on selling US infrastructure like harbours, outsourcing US jobs, giving the Panama Canal to the Chinese, selling illegal weapons to the Soviet, Iran, Iraq, Libya. He nurtured the Taliban and Al Qaida and ignored Islamic fundamentalism. Advised by Zbigniew and his son, Ian, Obama is now encircling Russia and China, which has not been so cooperative as wanted by Zbigniew, with anti-ballistic missiles which can also be used to inactivate Russian and Chinese satellites, so as to hinder retaliation after a US first strike against the nuclear arsenals of those countries. Russia knows and is preparing for the possibility of having to deliver a preemptive attack -- according to the chief of the Russian Joint Staff, Yuri Baluyevsky. These considerations are probably being accentuated by the fact that Russia can hardly afford a fresh weapons race. However, Brzezinski does not believe in Russia´s capacity to strike.Anyone ever heard about this code "itanimulli2154"?Please do some more research in to this as it is a serous issue. We can still stop this. Like Michael Jackson once said "There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one", from what do you think he was warning us?Whole Illuminated series are available in mp4 format and download here : to FarhanK501.