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Thanks to Claire Thompson for finding this gem. Click on the image for Claire and her partner Darin's "Yoga of Bass" FB page.

Our 5th meditation for the “What to Meditate On” section is on > FORGIVENESS.

No wait! Don’t go! Come baaack!!

I meant, our 5th meditation for the “What to Meditate On” section is on HOW TO LIVE FREE ‘N’ EASY INSTEAD OF BOUND ‘N’ ANGRY!

This meditation has a lot in it so there’s not much more to say here. For the Dharma-heads, this is not a meditation about karma and how “you created the situation” and so on. This is a meditation on pure, unadulterated, hard core forgiveness that helps us live a life less bound by fear, hurt and victimization.

TV watchers hate repeats, yet the TV show in our minds of “what he said to me” or “what she did to me” are on constant repeat day and night. Change the channel!

Forgiveness isn’t going to happen overnight. And some things that happened to you require long stints with a qualified therapist rather than a 30 minute MP3 from me – so seek the appropriate help.

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Also, this meditation isn’t asking you to think that what happened to you was ok or justified or even for you to necessarily see the person again and reconcile. And it’s certainly not about you losing even more agency in this situation and being weak. As Gandhi-ji said, “forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

And that’s what we want – to be strong, wise and not afraid of others … So this meditation is for those of us who are trying to take control. Whatever happens, let it take you higher.