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Regarding the issue on the Kudankulam nuclear power project, the state government has constituted the expert committee has planned to start up their visit to Tirunelveli from Saturday. However the talks regarding this decision are on hold with the representative of protesters.

Panel consists of former Atomic Energy commission chairman M.R. Srinivasan, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, member of the committee, Director of Institute Energy Studies, Anna University – Chennai, S. Iniyan. The panel said that they would complete this planned job “as early as possible”.

The panel reported the press members in Secretariat that they would visit the power plant site and discuss further with the district collector, colleagues and ask them to collect the information about the opinion from the local people in concern with the Kudankulam nuclear power plant functioning.

Their work will completely relied on the report that is been given by the experts group of the union government. Many of the people representatives have raised their questions against the government about the Kudankulam power plant and so Dr. Srinivasan told from the report of the expert’s group this issue will come to end.

People representatives also rose that “many sections” of people are neglected while taking the opinion sections and so now the government replied that those “sections” will also be included to be interacted directly with the panel. The committee would be active “as long as it’s necessary”.

Questions on nuclear waste were also answered in this press meet. No nuclear waste will be placed in the Kudankulam after the end of this issue and the wastes will be reprocessed inside the plant and then be placed in the Kudankulam.

Inclusion of the committee is been opposed by PMANE (People Movement Against Nuclear Energy). Nevertheless Dr. Srinivasan said he would extend his help to deal with the matter and necessary facilitated expertise will be there in the committee.

Kudankulam nuclear power project committee plans to visit Tirunelveli
Originally published on: All India Today

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