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or Click here to watch Modern Warfare: Call of Duty Rap Video (MW2) Modern Warfare 3 Some (MW3 Music Video) Hysterically risque! Modern Warfare 3 Some picks up where the original You Tube hit by the Energy Commission left off. Jay's lady couldn't seem to pull him away from the Modern Warfare 2 despite her polka dotted undies and red bowed thigh highs. With the release of "Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3" she knew she'd have her work cut out for her. By the title of the song you can guess her next move. She called up a friend. Another hot vixen thrown into the mix and Jay somehow maintains focus on his kill to death ratio and winds up ignoring them both. The insanity doesn't end there. Two more friends are called in to pull Jay away from his game. A girl on each limb. The cord from his busted Xbox controller wrapped around his throat Jay is detained and thrust back into the real world. Rest assured he manages to break free as even an "Army of Janes" couldn't restrain him from #MW3. For all the action and hilarity make sure and check out the official music video and share it with your friends! HUGE THANKS TO: Brandon Mosak, Doug Burge, and Jack White Ryen Heinrich Matty K. Felton Zayas Brandon Beuschlein aka Armored Gideon My brother Dave aka Bling Crosby Connor Donaldson Kristoffer Johannessen Cody Hauber My Xbox Live friends Big ups to my man Scabby and Rugged David Davenport The girls - Jessie Allen, Kristen Green, Jamie Fiser, Shelisa Bolles , Melissa Evans ...