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also-- if you don't like my videos that I very rarely put up, you don't have to watch them, just do yourself a favor and unsub I don't need you (: thanks darlin's!This isn't just a horse. He's so much more than that. I've never had anything make me so happy. I've never felt so safe with something that breathes. This horse means the world to me. I've had him for such a short time but he's become so much to me. He doesn't ask anything of me, and honestly he's so perfect for me it makes me want to cry. God made him specifically for me and factored him into my life at the absolute perfect time. He's the only thing that I care about so much that I couldn't live without him. Riding really doesn't matter that much to me any more, but just being around him matters. I don't have to go ride anymore, having him is so much greater than that. To get to that point in my riding career. To be given a horse that I put ahead of myself bring me such peace. It's such an amazing feeling to get past the competition, the flat out work, the mandatory things that make riding a every day chore. I would not trade where I am with this horse for a million ribbons or winning trips. I just want this.I'm sitting here editing this video of him and just seriously stopping to thank God every other minute for putting this amazing creature in my life. He's so much more than my horse, he's like my best friend. He's awesome at making me smile, in fact most of the time while I'm around him I'm not-not smiling. It's physically impossible for me not to.Just thinking back to March when I almost just sent him back because of my trainer and the vet and Dragon, I'm just glad I followed my gut. God knew I wouldn't need something ready to show for awhile. God knew that Dodger was exactly what I needed and considering I've only had him about 5 months, he's more special and precious to me than any equine I've ever owned or ridden. I love every other horse I own and every single pony I've worked with and that's taken me places, but I just need to BE around Dodge. I don't feel the need to go work in the ring, or show every weekend, or make him be a 3'6 A/O hunter. I just want to be around him. I just want to know this gorgeous animal is going to be there for the rest of my decision I've ever made.I also dare anyone to say I don't own the most gorgeous horse ever.-3