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Download the song here: Lyrics - Is this the age of tomorrow? Covered in sorrow? No one complains cause their brain and hearts are hollow. Animalistic behavior / where is your savior? Conspiracies, cause they've been lying for centuries My mind belongs to Surreal Dadaism Futurism leads to schism just like consumerism The Roman Empire is set on fire by Nero The whole worlds turning into an Anti-Hero I've been around this Universe for 22 years Want to hear my report then open up your ears Death is just a number on the Television screen You Make them care by covering yourself up in gasoline Nothing can be seen / World leaders are the fiends The Hand that Feeds bitten off by evil deeds Can't stop the bad seed / Who is going to lead? I'm Affected by greed so I try to mediate It's too late / The system forces you to hate No Escape at this rate, you have to accept your fate But I decide to this I can't abide No time to Hide, we reach global genocide Demised and desensitized but the Only way to survive is to keep knowledge alive You reap what you sow, you are not in control Money is killing your soul and taking it's toll Howling at the TV / using up your vocabulary Can't turn back to your Suburban Sanctuary If you think back throughout mankind's history You notice Individualism is another form of slavery The rich are finding ways to live forever / so clever, waste time helping the starving or homeless? Never. Everyone sleeps because there's no solution Execution ...