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If you run your own business you're probably used to being accountable for yourself, so being accountable to others can be frustrating and confusing. Trying to keep track of regulations and tax codes can be a full time job, and it's almost impossible without help. Just in time for tax season, AJ shows you how to use Sage Simply Accounting to actively monitor and analyze your business, recording every transaction for perfect transparency, and making compliance and oversight an everyday thing, instead of something to worry about. Sage Simply Accounting software is designed to help you overcome a variety of challenges like compliance, and it's the number one choice of small and medium businesses across Canada*. We've put together a series of four videos to help small business owners like you make sense of the obstacles in your way. This is GetConnected Business Tip #4 of 4. Here are the other three: #1 - Cash Flow #2 - Invoicing and Billing #3 - Cost Management and Containment - *Based on independent surveys of 275 Canadian small businesses conducted 2/2011 and 401 accountants who work with small business clients, conducted 6/2011.