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On this week's show we feature some ProTools updates, a recommendation for a great online service and an interview with an Oscar-winning computer animator.

Al begins with a couple of ProTools updates concerning recent versions Mac OSX Tiger and their compatibility with recent versions of ProTools, as well as a heads up on a potential technical issue with the Digi 002R.

Next, Mike shares a great online service for sending large files (up to one gig) without any charge. Here's the link:
Celebrity Interview:
We're proud and privileged to interview Oscar-winning computer key frame animator, Mr. Jeremy Bolan. His latest project was the blockbuster King Kong, which just happens to have been released on DVD today.

Jeremy Bolan You can also see his work in movies like Constantine, Starship Troopers 2, Stepford Wives and the upcoming Garfield 2.

Here are the links we talked about in the interview:

EX'PRESSION College For Digital Arts

Tippett Studio

Peter Jackson's Weta Digital Ltd

Rhythm & Hues Studio

Our New Frappr Map Is Up!
Come on over and put in a virtual push pin. Show us where you're listening from and what you look like! Here's the link:

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Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: There was a special guitar sound, often referred to as "the talking guitar" used by artists like Peter Frampton in the song Show Me The Way, Joe Walsh in his song Rocky Mountain Way and Richie Samborra on the latest Bon Jovi hit It's My Life.

How'd They Do That?

Heil Talkbox A: The Heil Talkbox! The Talkbox was developed with Joe Walsh, Bob Heil's lifelong friend and fellow ham radio enthusiast. He had just recorded Rocky Mountain Way using Pete Drake's Talking Actuator. and suggested he and Bob develop the concept further. They're still being produced by Jim Dunlop. Bob Heil sold that company the rights in 1988.

Congratulations to the following listeners that got the right answer!

Chris Gignoux Neil Jordan from Edinburgh, Scotland Douglas Aaron Slocum
This Week's Trivia Question:
Q: What was the first commercial music CD released in the US that was also manufactured in the US? All CDs sold in the US previously had been import titles pressed for overseas labels. These were still manufactured overseas, but for US labels.

See you next week!

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