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Coming up in May, 30 Days Of Dye! Yes, a spectacular four-part interview with the lovely and talented Mr. Charles Dye.

You don't want to miss even one of these as Charles generously shares his insights and Grammy-winning mixing secrets with us.

Link to Massey Plugins for ProTools:

Free guitar backing/jam tracks:
The Thomas Dolby Tour Blog:
Mark Jensen Celebrity Interview:
This week we feature the second half of our interview we did a couple of weeks ago with Mark Jensen, the host of the popular PodSqod podcast. This week we talk a little "gear talk" and discuss the independent musician online.

Click Here To Visit Mark Jensen's Site!
Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: What was the first Beatles song to feature a Moog synthesizer?

A: Because off of the Abbey Road album.

This reminds Al that a cool new mono, analog Moog synth has recently been released. It's called the Moog Little Phatty. Here's a pic and a link:

Link To The Moog Little Phatty Site
This Week's Trivia Question:
This week is another special edition of "How'd They Do That?" This time it's the popular vocal effect used in songs like Mr.Roboto by Styx. Have a listen and tell us how they did that. Better yet, send us an MP3 of you doing the same thing yourself!

See you next week!

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