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On today's show, a new product recommendation, music industry news, a great piece of viewer mail, a PSN blues jam and a fascinating interview with the King Of All Geek Media, Mr. Leo Laporte!

Shooter Jennings and Rick DerringerLinks to the albums Mike & Al talk about:

Shooter Jennings
- Electric Rodeo

Rick Derringer
- Free Ride
The PSN Blues Jam
Mike and Al record a little blues jam based on the free jam tracks they recommended on the last show.

Channel Strip For Garage Band

ProTools Soon To Be Updated For Intel Macs!

Leo LaporteCelebrity Interview:
Part #1 of an exciting interview with the King Of All Geek Media, Mr. Leo Laporte!

Here's a link to the podcast channel that will get you all of Leo's dynasty of podcasts:

Link To Radio Leo
Viewer Mail:
Matthias Frank from Germany writes, "I'm working here on Pro Tools 24 Mix on OS 9 and I was visiting some trade shows with different companies who offer new (supposedly better) audio interfaces for a much cheaper price. I'm debating whether or not to sell all of my formerly "high-class" equipment from Digidesign and switch to something else.

"Is the quality that much better as these new companies tell you and try to convince you? Would do you guys think about the quality issues regarding audio interfaces. Is it all hype?"

Answer To Last Week's: How'd They Do That?
Q: There's a popular vocal effect used in songs like Mr.Roboto by Styx, and even in some science fiction programs. How'd They Do That?

Vocoder Example
David Spooner A: The Vocoder! Al gives a little history of this cool little machine.

David "SpoonZ" Spooner from Australia answered the question correctly and even sent in an audio example of how he created this effect with plugins in his own studio.

See you next week!

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