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Welcome Leo Fans!Some news, a cool new plugin, we tweak the stupid knob, and we present Part #1 of a very special 4 part series we call, The 30 Days Of Dye.

First, a big PSN hello to our new listeners that are joining us after discovering us on Radio Leo, Leo Laporte's podcast network channel, and thanks to all our listeners for continually downloading the show each week. This week we hit a new milestone - as of show #17, we've exceeded the 6,000 listener mark! Yay!


Massey CT4Nathan Chase's The Ghost That Feeds

New Massey CT4 Compressor Plugin

Mike's in a jazz band!

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Celebrity Interview:

Week #1Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning engineer, mixer and producer Charles Dye began his engineering career in 1992. Since that time he's mixed hits for Ricky Martin, Sammy Hagar, Julio Iglesias, and Jon Bon Jovi. He's also recorded artists such as Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Gloria Estefan, among many others. This is Part #1 of 4 in our special series, The 30 Days Of Dye.

Click to hear Charles' recent productions and mixes!
The Stupid Knob:
Keith Richards fans gathered outside a hospital last Sunday where the 62-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist was believed to be undergoing treatment for a mild concussion suffered when he fell out of a palm tree on vacation in Fiji. It was also reported that he got on a Jet Ski after the fall and had another accident.

If Keith Richards falls out of tree in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: Who played the guitar solo on the famous Beatles song While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

A: Eric Clapton!

See you next week!

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