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Viewer mail, a hot new demo offer from IK Multimedia and we present Part #2 of our 30 Days Of Dye series of interviews with Charles Dye.

Viewer Mail:
A request for help from Aaron Griffith of Death 101 Records. His friend is using Fruity Loops Studio (the latest version). Amplitube 1.0 worked fine, but he's getting all sorts of errors. He also tried it with Cakewalk Home Studio and it won't work there either. Have anyone heard of any issues with Amplitube 2.0 not working in this context? Write in and let us know!

On a related note, IK Multimedia is offering a fully functional Amplitube 2 demo good for 30 starts! You'll need a SyncroSoft USB dongle or iKey plugged into your computer when you install it to activate it. This is not an iLok. If you don't have one you can get one online or at a local Guitar Center for about 30 bucks.

Celebrity Interview:

Week #2Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning engineer, mixer and producer Charles Dye began his engineering career in 1992. Since that time he's mixed hits for Ricky Martin, Sammy Hagar, Julio Iglesias, and Jon Bon Jovi. He's also recorded artists such as Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Gloria Estefan, among many others. This is Part #2 of 4 in our special series, The 30 Days Of Dye.

The studio where Mix It Like A Record was filmed:

Click to hear Charles' recent productions and mixes!
Here's Charles' setting for the Waves RenComp that closely mimics the buss compressor on an SSL console:

Set to Electro mode Character to Smooth ARC off Ratio = 2:1 Attack = 15 Release = approx. 250-300 (set about to 8th note)
With most of the music he's been mixing lately, 4 dB of compression at the loudest point in the song has been sounding really good.

Charles comments, "I should also say that this is in no way considered mastering compression. Compression across the stereo bus while mixing is done all the time on most of the records you own. Whether inserted at the beginning or towards the end it's been a pretty standard technique for decades done by engineers all over the globe. If you need anymore proof, I have three letters: S - S - L."

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: What two famous, number one artists sang back up on the Boz Scaggs' hit Love, Look What You've Done To Me, as heard on the Urban Cowboy soundtrack.

A: Glen Frey and Don Henley of the Eagles!

See you next week!

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