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A few cool news items, PSN correspondent and 5-time Emmy-winner John Davidson, an interview with music software developer Ryan Smith and a few great surprises!

Billy PrestonFirst, on a sad note, Billy Preston is dead at the age of 60.

He began playing piano while sitting on his mother's lap at age three. He collaborated with some of the greatest names in the music industry, including The Beatles, Sam Cooke, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Sammy Davis Jr., Sly Stone, Aretha Franklin, George Harrison, The Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. He was the only person to receive a credit on a Beatles single, playing the electric piano on Get Back as part of the rooftop concert. Here are some other quick facts:

Billy Preston was the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live in 1975. He recorded the song With You I'm Born Again with Syreeta Wright as Billy Preston and Syreeta, which reached #2 in the UK in 1979. Miles Davis titled a song Billy Preston in his honor.

Digidesign Launches The Pro Tools Go Mobile Hands-On Training Tour

San Diego, CA : June 1-2 Los Angeles, CA: June 8-9 New York, NY: June 23-25 Toronto, ON: June 28-30 Austin, TX: July 13-16 Orlando, FL: July 26-28 Minneapolis, MN: Aug. 2-4 Madison, WI: Aug. 10-11 Chicago, IL: Aug. 17-18 Muncie, IN: Aug. 24-25 Nashville, TN:Aug. 31-Sept 1 Atlanta, GA: Sept. 6-8 Edmonton, AB: Sept. 14-15 Vancouver, BC: Sept. 21-22 Seattle, WA: Sept. 27-28 San Francisco, CA: Oct. 6-9 Phoenix, AZ: Oct. 27-28 Los Angeles, CA: Nov. 2-4 RAD Monkey Digital Modeling Cowbell

BBE Acoustimax Instrument Preamp

Glyph Online Disk Space Calculator

Thanks to Frederic Phan from France for a generous donation to the show this week!

PSN correspondent John Davidson is a 5-time Emmy-award winning audio post mixer. We hadn't heard from John for awhile until last week as he's been on hiatus enjoying his lovely new baby boy. This week he returns for the second part of his report on interesting facts, tips and tricks regarding the art of surround sound.

Celebrity Interview:
Ryan Smith of is the creator of Guitar And Drum Trainer. If you're serious about your music, and you think there's room to improve your playing, then GDT is for you. It's the ultimate musician's MP3 audio player, trainer and transcription aid. We had a chat with Ryan to talk about this cool practice tool.

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Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question
Q: What famous performing musician dominated record sales for three entire decades in a row; #1 in the 50s, #2 in the 60s and #13 in the 70s?


Congratulations to John Demetre, the only listener to answer correctly!

This week we're offering a free copy of Guitar And Drum Trainer to the first person to correctly answer this week's trivia question! (You'll have to listen to see what the question is.)

See you next week!

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