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News, a Celebrity Interview, we tweak the Stupid Knob and some Viewer Mail.


Optimizing Windows For Audio Recording

Shuriken's CopyShop

Garritan Marching Band

reFuse Software's Lowender

Izotope Tutorials On YouTube


Mike and Al discuss Super Sunday, especially the performances given by Billy Joel and Prince.

Tommy DetamoreCelebrity Interview:

If you've ever needed a musician to play a part on your project that isn't readily available in your local area, you'll appreciate this week's special guest. Listen in as Al has a conversation with Tommy Detamore of

Steel Guitar Tracks Online

Examples Of Tommy's Playing

Screenshot of Tommy's DAW, Ensoniq Paris:

The Stupid Knob:

Keith Richards switching to health food?

Kevin Federline's Super Bowl Commercial:

Derek K. Miller submitted this one of Celine Dion singing AC/DC!

Viewer Mail:

Dan Boyle
Mix It Like A Record

John Phillips
Kevin Reeves

Tim Burgess

Waid Hunley

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: What was the only US number one single to be re-recorded by the same artist and become a Top Ten hit all over again?

A: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Neil Sedaka. The original, up-tempo version topped the Billboard chart in 1962, while a ballad rendition reached #8 in 1975. Other songs have made a second appearance on Billboard's Hot 100, but it was the original version that came back.

Congratulations to this week's winner, Waid Hundley! He takes home a copy of Guitar and Drum Trainer courtesy of Ryan Smith over at

Honorable Mention goes out to Dan Leuders and Andy Bullock!

See you next week!

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