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On this week's podcast we've got News, Crosstalk, a Gear Review, Viewer Mail and we tweak The Stupid Knob!

This week Mike is relaxing in Cabo and Slau is sitting in as guest host. Slau is a New York City-based singer/songwriter and producer. During his teenage years, he developed his performance skills as a multi-instrumentalist while performing with various folk ensembles and dance bands. His reputation as a versatile musician led to an early career as a session musician for television scores as well as commercial jingles and underscores.

Slau's songwriting has been recognized by Musician Magazine where he was a semi-finalist in the Best Unsigned Band Contest and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Songwriters Workshop. He's been a featured performer at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase and has been a regular contributor to the New York City Songwriters Circle and The Bitter End.

In 2005, the new media world of podcasting rallied behind one of Slau's tunes entitled If Every Day Were Christmas, a song co-written with Orlando Pagan. Former MTV VJ, Adam Curry, heard the song, played it on his podcast, The Daily Source Code and came up with the idea of a We Are the World-type benefit. Over 50 artists from 9 countries took part in Podsafe for Peace, a benefit song for UNICEF produced by Slau. It remains in the Top 10 most played songs in the podcasting world and has been played on satellite and terrestrial radio including Sirius, XM, BBC, CBC and Westwood One.

Currently, Slau is working on a follow up to The Weight of Words, his 2001 debut album. The new album is scheduled for release in the spring of 2008.


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Mike's in Cabo! We hate him.

PSN mentioned in the Precise Persussions Blog

Deborah Harry has a hit in every single decade since her first hit with Blondie!

Slau's microphone hardware search: Sabra-Som

Gear Review:

Ribbon Mic and Michael Joly ribbon mic mod shootout!

Michael Joly's mods company:

Resource links mentioned:

The shootout mics:

The Venerable Coles 4038

Apex 205 Nady RSM-4 Nady RSM-5

The Cascade FatHead

Viewer Mail:

Bryan Daste from The Magic Closet Studio sent in this great link detailing the Grateful Dead's Wall Of Sound.

Suzie DeCree and Aaron Griffith pay homage to PSN

Suzie DeCree has teaching jobs available! Contact her:

John May wonders if TAXI is worth the money.

Aaron Griffith joins the Mac family, YAY! He wonders what good 2-track editors are available for Mac. Here's our initial recommendations:

Audacity (Freeeeeeeee!)

Amadeus Pro ($40.00 – also multitrack)

Sound Studio ($79.99)

Audio Finder: ($69.95)
This is really nicely integrated with OSX and has some really nice features for exactly the things you mention, as well as lots of others.

Bias Peak ($129.00 - $599.00)

The Stupid Knob:

Sly Stone is in the house! Wait, where'd he go?

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:

Q: Which act was left stranded at the airport, therefore becoming a no show at The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in August 1969?

A: Iron Butterfly! They demanded a ride from the airport and the promoters decided since everyone else made it on their own, including uninvited guests, that they would just leave them stranded.

This week's big winner is Suzie DeCree! She takes home a copy of Guitar And Drum Trainer courtesy of Ryan Smith over at

Honorable mention goes out to Jon Julson, Brandon Hire (of The Metal Shop Podcast), Steve (of Sub G Music) and Patrique Osbourne

Little Richard turns 75. SHUT UP!

See you next week!

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