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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~NEWS + EXTRA~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Here is link, if you are intrested to entering in DeviantArt gategory to: ALSO! Check from that DevianArt link the characters and their summaries...:3 I can't add them here, 'cause then YouTube says that the desc is to long 3X NEWS: -Valentine's day Speed Paint WILL COME LATE! I don't knwo when it's out... But... Yeah...*snif* Don't kill me :c 'cause school is taking more my time, giving me Projects and such a thinks...xc So yeah... Also, as many knows, I have entered in "FEW" Multi Edition Projects, so yeah... -A Thousand Years MEP Dead line MIGHT CHANGE TO 15th OR 30th of March!! -I guess I FULLY Quit Askfur AMV...xc ENTERS WILL BE LISTED HERE: -glaceyandflare -Cloudstar67.....Entry: -KawaiiPikaAndEeveon -flareflare0n.....Entry: -NeonGlaceonPrincess -ThePineappleKiller -PeachThePikachu -shadowstar1748.....Entry: -NeonBlueSnow.....Entry: -AnimalsGirl99.....Entry: -SweetCupcakes990 Music/Song: Love & Loss Artiste/Singer: Two Steps from Hell