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Enjoy new Neo Soul fused with romantic spoken word poetry by Brother Kamal. Lyrics "You're my future" 3x Girl ,I got ya -I'm visioning our future! Listen, I want you to know that, I never take you for granted I mean, it's you and me against the world You, me and our seeds on this planet I mean, everything must revolve around us That's why it's necessary for us to continue to discuss Our likes and dislikes Our wrongs and our rights And try to limit the arguments and diffuse any fights With apologies, surrender and candlelight. We must keep the fire burning Keep the conversations and bedroom situations turning Keep learning and unlearning Each other Remembering, that we were once friends before we were lovers And we must be friends again Every time we forget that We must bring it back And celebrate the fact, that we were able to accomplish that Cause what we have, some people don't obtain in a lifetime For my best friend- I got love on my mind. Girl ,I got ya -I'm visioning our future! 3x Girl ,I got ya -I'm visioning our future! We went through trials and tribulations Past the test The odds were against us They placed their bets But love, you aint seen nothing yet There's something in me you have yet to feel Let's submit to each other it's time to kneel In total surrender let's reveal Kundalini energy that mystery that chemistry between you and me is ecstasy cause lady, you're still my fantasy the force put us together in this day and time you're my best friend I got love ...