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or We have 2 pains in life. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. One weighs ounces, the other weighs pounds. Here is how life can work in your favor or totally work against you. By adopting positive daily disciplines, you have positive compound interest working in your favor. You then will get fitter, you will get wiser, you will get richer and consequently from all this positiveness, you will get happier. Positive daily rituals is all about taking ownership. It is all about taking responsibility. By introducing negative daily disciplines into your life, things start to downhill over a sustained period of time. Your health starts to deteriorate, your bank accounts dry up, you start thinking negatively and consequently you live in a position of fear where you think everything outside you controls your life. Do you won your life or are you renting your life?. Once you start to take ownership and become disciplined, things will start to change for you.