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~*~*~*~*~*~PLEASE! READ THIS!!~*~*~*~*~*~ NOTE: Even tough I did this, doesn't mean that my drawing style is copyfree!! So keep that in chur mind ^^ But now to the real desc... Many has asked me, how I do that and that, so I decided to do "How I Draw" video, and FINALY made it... SORRY ;-; It's totaly shit the whole video!! Some places HyperCam2 got idea, that the video is faster than my VOICE....TT I am freaking sorry that for all, who have waited for this, gets this kind of shit...-.-; Yeah... To be honest, I had problems with HyperCam2; firsly I was like "This goes well" until HC2 made it to go like 'video before voice'... Then I got pissed..-.- And LAST clip, which would hav had information, how I do bg, IT DELETED IT! Yes, HyperCam DELETED it...TT So I am not having perfect friendship with it for a while 3'l But this is my some kind toural video for now... I MIGHT do another, 'cause this was soooo piece of shit...:c Well.... Enjoy anyway?