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Get the complete lesson at find out about more lessons on Twitter @totaltraining or https Order today and save 20% using coupon code tt_social. Description: With this latest release, Apple has made some dramatic changes to Logic, their flagship audio editing and music production application. In addition to a comprehensive suite of professional tools that provides musicians with everything they need to create in the studio, on the stage, and for the screen, Logic Pro 8, features an intuitive new streamlined interface that makes it easier to write, record, edit, and mix music—all with the sound quality and rock-solid timing you have come to expect from Logic. Join Patrick Copeland, veteran audio engineer, as he gives you a comprehensive look at each aspect of this powerful software program. The HA! QuickSTART Overview gives you the needed edge to be up and running quickly. With its acclaimed power and flexibility for writing, recording, and producing music, it is easy to see why many audio professionals make Logic their weapon of choice in the studio. Topics Include: HA! QuickSTART Overview New User Interface Personalizing Logic Professional Templates for Common Projects Multi-take Recording Audio Effects Revolutionary Quick Swipe Comping Using Apple Loops Importing/Exporting Files Surround Sound, Loops & Library Video Projects & Settings MIDI and Logic Apple Logic Pro 8 Essentials Presenter: Patrick Copeland