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Credit: NASA Ames Research Center Airspace Operations Laboratory Created by Dr Thomas Prevot The Airspace Operations Lab evaluates air traffic management (ATM) concepts and explores human-system interaction issues in a high-fidelity human-in-the-loop simulation environment designed to allow rapid prototyping of NextGen concepts. This environment allows simulations of aircraft, ATM systems and communication infrastructure for both current day operations and a variety of future, highly automated concepts. Controller workstations are realistic emulations of today's en route, Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and oceanic systems. They also include a full suite of advanced decision support tools and automated functions for conflict detection and resolution, trajectory planning, scheduling and sequencing, and managing advanced levels of airborne equipage. The main goal of the research in the AOL is to evaluate future ATM systems and associated human-system interactions. One of the main challenges of examining future ATM systems is that future operations are generally underspecified in their descriptions of system functionality, procedures, performance measurements, and system status measurements (workload, amount of communication, and similar measurements). More traditional approaches to human factors that examine existing operations by carefully gathering and assessing information related to human performance issues in well-defined systems are ...