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or Click here to watch Wanna Fight?! with jmoonies (UMvC3) Wanna Fight?! Round 1 with jmoonies (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Gameplay/Commentary) Hello audience, jmoonies here, junior manager of machinima respawn operations. Supporting open challenge commentaries since 2011. Welcome to round 1 of Wanna Fight?!, where I put up the fights I have against people who challenge me on respawn. I've decided take the Uwe Boll approach and say that if you're going to just bitch in the comments about how much better you are at a game than a director, you should challenge him to a fight. If you want to fight me, my PSN is RAGEQUITHUNTER (jmoonies is already full up, shockingly) and I'm usually on playing marvel on weekedays from 7 to 8 PST. I will log onto RAGEQUITHUNTER specifically to challenge people from the respawn community, so if you want to see yourself on a future episode of Wanna Fight?! be sure to hit me up there (and of course, make sure you know how to play). If possible, I'll try to make this a weekly gig. Also, at the end of each episode, I'll feature one of the newer fighting videos that've gone up and the channel and explain why you should take a look at them. Today's feature is FingerCramp, who puts up excellent beginner tutorials on fight game mechanics on respawn every wednesday. They mainly cover Marvel, but concepts like hit boxes and frame data translate into all fighting games. Be sure to check them out here: ALSO! If you're not a ...