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or Teaching your dog to run straight across different types of surfaces will help you in no matter what dog sport you may have interest in. It is more difficult, and shows a different picture to the dog if he has to cross different types of terrain, than if he always sees ONLY grass. Yes, I know that in his sport grass may be the only type of terrain that he sees, but this will generalize and proof the picture much better for him. It also good to do these drills with jumps and hoops as well. The practicing with the hoops and jumps have made this video much easier to accomplish because the dog has a much clearer picture of going straight through anything, and when the training aids are removed, as seen in this video, the dog still sees the picture as a straight line. You can find all sorts of different types of surface breaks just in your neighborhood and can get some work done if you are just taking your dog for a walk around the block. This dog training video was taken at a park and in a parking lot that are close to where I live. You can get as imaginative as you'd like with distractions that are all around you.