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Finally here sorry about the delay. This episode clocks in at one hour and ten minutes! Be sure to grab a drink and some food or something because it's pretty long. You'll notice also, Rainbow Dash's voice is different from the first episode. It's because the original voice was busy with school. So I went and got an understudy, the voice is going to be going back to the old one in part 3. Other than that everyone's(pony's) voice is the same including three new additions to the cast. I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who contributed to this part after part 1. Besides the voice actors and my friend David helping me with the script, I did the last part alone and it certainly show in this part. I hope you all like it. If I'm going to be slipping in some annotations in the credits for direct links to the people who made this possible. Before anyone asks, part 3 won't be out for a long time...I haven't even sent out the scripts yet.