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Gallup: Obama Job Approval 41% -51% Republican nomination Gingrich 36% - Romney 23% Speaks the cult leader, we shall cut the budget by $1 Trilllion. We shall eliminate the federal bureaucracies Education, Commerce, Energy, Interior and Housing & Urban Development. Speaks the cult leader, we will eliminate these jobs because the corporations are suffering and we must starve the evil government beast. Speaks the cult followers, "RON PAUL", "RON PAUL"! Speaks the cult followers, we want "LIBERTY", "RESTORING THE CONSTITUTION", "IMPEACH OBAMA", "SMALLER GOVERNMENT", and end "ENTITLMENTS" Speaks the cult followers "FEND FOR YOURSELF!" Ron Paul is no different than the six other idiots running for president. The culture war continues and Republicans armed their troops with hate of the middle class, the lower class, minorities, GLBT, those who practice in Islam, and the many supporters of Barack Obama. They deem those as enemies of the state. A high school student writes an opinion of Congressman Ron Paul. I agree with the article and it's bound to irk these people even more. My honest, unapologetic opinion on the matters at hand. Thanks for viewing. Visit my official blogs at or . You can follow me at on Facebook at