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Just trying to get in the swing of things again. Sorry, it's a quick capture (I lost my editing software), but I got a new camera finally! Why do I make videos? To paraphrase Sam Harris, I want my atheism to fade into the background, and I want to merely be a person who destroys bad ideas wherever he finds them - whatever form they might take. I don't have time to watch very many videos AT ALL these days, so I don't have a lot of ideas at the moment (most of my past videos have been direct or indirect responses to other videos and comments). Sam Harris on the "dangers" of atheism: ("11:55 - 12:27. There's the meat. Every atheist/agnostic should take note." -graciousSenor) Dan Dennett on religious education: book: "Why Christianity Must Change or Die" by John Spong video by TogetherForPeace on dialog vs. showmanship: more to come!