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Do you or someone you know Live Alone? What if something happens to you and no one knows? How many hours or days would it take before your family and friends even started looking for you? Visit for more information or to subscribe for yourself, a friend or relative. Robochek is a semi-automated subscription system that contacts you through your preferred combination of three of these options; email, sms text message, homephone OR cellphone. When Robochek contacts you, all you need do is Reply to either the email (sent about 6AM) or SMS text message (sent about 8AM) or Answer our telephone call at 10AM. If you don't answer at 10AM, Robochek will call you again about 3PM to find out if you are up and about. If you don't reply to any of our contact attempts by about 6PM, Robochek will both call and email two emergency contacts of your choice, to let them know you have not responded to our contact attempts and might have a problem if they would like to check up on you to make sure everything is ok. Visit to check it out. Robochek goes online ready to take subscriptions on November 5th, 2011. Thanks for viewing.