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Aidila Razak | 11:48PM Nov 27, 11 ANALYSIS Having drilled down the message that this will be last congress before general election, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim while capping off the Johor event, warned delegates of enemies within. Recalling previous defections, Anwar called on delegates to not only sniff out "potential turncoats and kick them out" as the party pulls up its socks to face what he paints as the "defining battle" of Malaysian political history. Citing a hadith from the Prophet Muhammad, Anwar said even the prophet had no forgiveness for those who betrayed the cause. Apologising for choosing either "under-qualified" or simply the wrong people as candidates in 2008, Anwar echoed party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail's policy speech in saying that this time, the party vows to get it right. Warnings also abound for incumbent representatives, telling them not to expect a coveted "creed" from the president if they have underperformed, abused their power, or left "people waiting for hours in their office". "Three years and not a word in Parliament other than blasting others," he said, dropping hints of who among PKR parliamentarians may need to start looking for another job. After all, Anwar admits, the stakes are higher this time; and correspondingly, so is PKR's strength. "Faced with corruption in and rigging, (Pakatan Rakyat) won over five states and Kuala Lumpur and now we are twice as strong compared to in 2008. "Believe me, our preparations this time ...