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"Woodshop Safety" is a video that everyone who works with wood needs to review. This video starts off with a discussion of general shop-safety rules that includes personal safety, tool limitations, and the 12" and 3" rules. Marc covers the importance of understanding control guards, shields, pushsticks, stops, and pinch points. Much attention is given to ways to eliminate kickback, along with feed rates, cutting depths, and how to stand at each machine. Marc walks you through safety on the power mitersaw, jointer, bandsaw, planer, tablesaw, router table, and edge and disk sanders. "Woodshop Safety" is an informative video presented by one of the leading experts in America on woodshop safety. The purpose of this video is to create an awareness of shop safety that makes your woodworking experiences pleasurable, not painful. THINK BEFORE YOU CUT. This how-to woodworking video runs 57 minutes