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Please Like and Share this video! Subscribe to get awesome new animations personally delivered - Be the first to watch! Cold calling at its worst! Brought to you by Trevor Hardy of Fool Hardy Films, this claymation stop motion is a real lifesaver! Just as a little old lady grows annoyed and frustrated with her loud ticking clock, she receives another disturbance - the ring of the doorbell. She complains under her breath, 'Who could that be at this time of night? Always salesmen.' But she surprisingly opens the door to find Death himself (the Grim Reaper) staring her in the face. He tells her, 'It's time.' But the little old lady is unfazed. 'Time for what?' she replies. 'It's your time,' the Grim Reaper responds solemnly. The old lady angrily replies that it certainly is her time and he's wasting it! She then abruptly slams the door in his face. Confused and shocked, the Grim Reaper walks off dejectedly. The old lady yells out to him to shut the gate too. She then turns off the porch light, returns to her comfy living room chair, and hits her clock with her walking stick to make it start ticking again. This animation teaches us that sometimes you CAN cheat death if you've got better things to do with your time! Check out more at See Trevor Hardy's Aniboom Profile: Trevor Hardy's YouTube Channel: Trevor Hardy's Vimeo Channel: Trevor Hardy's website: Follow Trevor Hardy on Twitter ...