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In this episode i fight a savage tiger!! ... with various other thugs along the way.I didn't intend to record for so long i just forgot i was actually recording so i hope you enjoy this extended lets play of skyrim - the elder scrolls.lately i've been doing quite a lot of alchemy but i think i'm doing it all wrong! if you think you can help then i'd be much far as storyline goes, i'm currently making my way to the grey beards in skyrim to talk about being a dragon born. hopefully they will be able to steer me in the right direction, preferably towards a few nice dragons to kill - with the intention of bringing some of this epic footage to you guys in the near far, when i've ad the chance to play, i've found skyrim a lot of fun. with the beta of star wars out of the way i should be able to invest far more of my time into the slaying of these mythical dragons.tagsskyrim the elder scrolls smokeycow lets play walkthrough gameplay V five dragon born smithing cooking thane grey beards part two 2 awesomeness