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Watch all Comedy Blaps here: Roger Mellie hosts the first Blap, with sketches, Top Tips, letters, the Profanisaurus and other good bits. Viz, the legendary UK comedy comic is still very much anarchic, fresh and funny. Baby Cow Animation brings Viz to life with three hilarious Viz Blaps. Hosted by Roger Mellie, The Fat Slags and Biffa Bacon, the Blaps feature sketches, Top Tips, Letterbock, the Profanisaurus and other funny bits. It's voiced by Steve Coogan, Simon Greenall, Sarah Millican and Gavin Webster and is really dead good. Credits Voiced by: Steve Coogan, Simon Greenall, Sarah Millican, Gavin Webster Performer: Tom Stourton Written by: Graham Dury, Simon Thorp, Davey Jones, Alex Collier Animated by: Dennis Sisterson, Kevin Baldwin, Shane Barrell, Malcolm Mole, Mark Nute, Adam Oliver, Mal Hartley Background artwork by: Jim Nolan Music by: Rob Townsend, Arnie Somogyi Sound by: Simon Couzens Exec Producer: Henry Normal Directors: Alex Collier, Tim Searle Producers: Tim Searle