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or The Exhibit Bar in London installed some video games in the mens' restroom, where your urine stream is your controller. A sensor in the urinal senses you approaching, then tracks the heat and movement of the stream. There are several games available and also in development. One is a skiing game where you veer left and right to steer down the slope. There is a trivia game too, called Clever Dick. And another is Artsplash, where you create splashes of color on a canvas. And then you can save your work and email it to your girlfriend!! But guess what? It's like every other cool new thing, THE JAPANESE ALREADY HAVE IT! Sega Toylet was on display at expos last year, and right now are being tested out in Tokyo metro stations. Their games, of course, are crazier. One has a little statue boy going into a cup. If you don't fill the cup, you fail. Another puts you in a competition with the guy who went last time. The harder you go, the more milk shoots out your nose. That looks painful. And there is a naughty version, where you are a pervy cloud that is trying to blow up a girl's skirt. I think these games are a good idea for several reasons, the first being that some guys are terrible at aiming, or just don't care. The monitors display ads when not in game mode. This is a painless way to make advertising money. And it's proven to increase drink sales at bars! But think of how it could change the whole bar experience. And it's not fair that they don't have this for girls. If ...