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What if EVERYTHING could talk?*Taige originally directed this piece for Genius Camp, a 2 week long collaboration of some of our favorite sketch troupes back in '09. Besides POYKPAC, participants included Good Neighbor, Scott Gairdner, Horsehead Businessman, Those Aren't Muskets, BriTANick, Loo in London & The Fine Bros. Check out the full ouvre of Genius Camp output here: Jensen - Narrator, PsychiatristKyle Mooney - Human Man, Talking Baby, Talking Microwave, Talking Spatula, Talking Cheese Grater, Talking Lime, Talking Blender, Talking LampScott Gairdner - Talking Sidewalk, Talking Bottlecap, Talking Scale, Talking HairdryerRyan Hunter - Talking Hat, Talking Rearview MirrorMaggie Ross - Talking WallNoah Byrne - Talking Clipboard, Talking Duct tape, Talking VoidSubscribe to the Genius Campers