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On the economic front, former Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs executive Hank Paulson came under fire after it was revealed that he had private meetings in 2008 with hedge funds where he reportedly hinted at a rescue of Fannie and Freddie. Whatever the facts prove to be in this specific case, it is all too clear that the concept of conflict of interests has little foothold in the incestuous crony-capitalist relationship between Wall Street and Washington. Meanwhile a notary set to be sentenced in a systematic foreclosure fraud case in Nevada was found dead. Despite the wider implications, authorities have disclosed that they are not investigating the death as a homicide. Tracy Lawrence, the notary, had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and faced up to one year in prison. Movers and Sheriff's deputies in Atlanta, Georgia refused to evict a 103 year-old woman battling Deutsche Bank (serviced in turn by Chase) in court. After massive media attention and the honorable humanitarian refusal on the part of movers and deputies, the bank has reportedly backed off of the eviction as well. In other news, Queen Elizabeth II has threatened to deduct wages if members of her staff join the nationwide strikes taking place in the UK. Unions have urged these workers to walk out and join demonstrations over lost pensions and more. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has fallen into yet another scandal, this time accused of covering-up a sexual harassment case ...